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Biometric QA

A deeper insight from users using data science and biosensors

Cinematronic offers a unique biosensor-based solution for analyzing short format media productions, which facilitates producers and directors in creating the best possible viewer experiences.


Generally, media production companies invest a significant amount of time and money in creating high-quality productions. Yet, this is not always a warranty for success.


Currently, quality assurance (QA) is often not used within the creative production phase, but rather at the end of production, when most of the financial and creative resources have been already spent.


Our quality assurance solution uses biosensors as part of the research design within the creative process, dramatically increasing the level of user insight provided – making it easier for producers to tailor the user experience to their target audience.

Adaptive MediaPlayer

Automatic media adaption for a better user experience

Cinematronic is developing an interactive adaptive media system that automatically adjusts the audiovisual stimuli based on the users’ immediate needs, detected by their biometric readings.


Many movies and computer games do not live up to users’ expectations, resulting in a loss of interest over time. Our system ensures a consistently high-quality user experience throughout the user’s media consumption.


Besides making adaptable stories, the solution will also become a fully automated quality assurance system.


How the Adaptive MediaPlayer works:

Using biosensors, the system detects the psychophysical reaction of users and automatically adjusts the content based on their immediate needs. The system can both compensate for under stimulation as well as overstimulation.

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